“Where the hell is the Tezos roadmap?”

It gets asked sometimes in chat forums. People want to know.

And usually a crusty crypto OG will answer something like, “There isn’t one newbie, duh!”

(Seasoned crypto OG who knows that Tezos does not have a roadmap)

Not having a roadmap may seem like a poor marketing decision. But Tezos is a decentralized project consisting of many different entities who all promote their own ideas about the direction in which the platform should develop. And no one knows for sure which ideas will see the light of day until it is put to an on-chain vote.

But the lack of a roadmap goes farther…

Ethereum Killer. We are told they do not exist. We are told that Ethereum has slain all. Where did this phrase originate from? I think Dfinity started this trend of defining itself in relation to Ethereum. It declared it would be a sister-network to Ethereum in marketing materials. “I come in peace. And not only that but I contain no toxic masculinity for I am woman.”

Polkadot started out saying similar things too. Then the Great Pivot happened and these networks declared that they would be the next evolution of blockchains blah blah blah. …

Baking TEZ

POW defi as you probably have guessed is the type of defi that runs on Ethereum. It has proven very effective at raising funds for projects and for seeding the Ethereum network with liquidity. We are all familiar with it, and many folks have made lots of money from it.

The whole system relies on ETH as money, which as the Ethereum network grows increases the money-ness of ETH. Money is money because it is accepted as money (medium of exchange) and because it acts as a store of value. …

Charles Dickens, innovating

Tezos is an innovation hub.

Copying someone else’s system, Ethereum, means no innovation — nothing new is born in such a manner. Almost all other smart contract chains are simply carbon copies of Ethereum: I believe the market is greatly mis-pricing them. Why?

Well, I think Silicon Valley crypto VC’s decided about 1.5 years ago that for a smart contract platform to thrive and survive that it needs to be EVM compatible, that is it needs to use the EVM and use Solidity.

Ok fine, this makes sense. Ethereum is the dominant force in the crypto world. It attracts the…

Initial Coin Offerings, popularized by Ethereum, have been hugely successful. ICO’s were partly responsible for Ethereum’s meteoric rise in 2017/18. However, the party came to an end as regulators made it more difficult for developers to run ICO’s in the US and the market went flat.

Lately Ethereum has been riding high on the success of defi or decentralized finance. Defi has some clever fundraising mechanisms that appear to avoid the legal problems associated with ICO’s. (Certain ICO’s sold security-like instruments — people hoping for a profit though passive income — to the non-accredited general public.)

Defi raises funds in…

  1. Tezos will reach 1/2 of Ethereum’s marketcap. There are only two competitors in the smart contracts platform space: Tezos v. Ethereum. The problem with all the other smart contract platforms is that they are either clones of Ethereum’s smart contract language and use the Ethereum Virtual Machine (such as Polkadot and Tron) or their technology does not yet exist(Cardano). Tezos has bespoke smart contract languages and uses the Tezos Virtual Machine. It has built the stack from the ground up to optimize for formal verification and other advantages — this would not be possible if it took the easy route…

You could get the Model T in any color so long as it was black, (and you can get the Cybertruck in any color so long as it is stainless steel). After the Model T things started to get more individualized, new colors, new models, new features. A cynical person might say that the car industry engages in planned obsolescence. The Cybertruck is anything but planned obsolescence and there is a good chance that is frightening the bajesus out of the incumbents.

The Cybertruck may look like a niche product but do not let that fool you — with the…



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